Prophetic traditions on excellence of upbringing daughters

Islam condemned the evil practice of the killing of female children in the pre-Islamic era. The Holy Qur’an reminds the perpetrators that they will be questioned for the same heinous crimes on the dooms day.  The Holy Quran says: “And when the infant girl buried alive will be asked, For what crime was she slain? “ 

(Surah At-Takwir Chapter 81: Verse 8-9)

Islam terms the birth of female children as blessing and has advised its followers that the birth of female children should not be a sad occasion for the families but an occasion to rejoice for this great blessing.

People who become sad on birth of a girl child are described in the Quran as follows:

“And when the news (of the birth) of a daughter is disclosed to any of them, his face turns dark and he gets pent up with anger.
He seeks to hide himself from people due to the (presumed) bad news that is given to him. (He now gets down to thinking) whether he should keep her (alive) despite humiliation and disgrace or bury her (alive) in the earth. See! How wicked is the decision that they make!”

(Surah An-Nahl,Chapter 16:Verse 58-59)

Compassion and Benevolence with Daughters

Hadith #1

According to Hadrat Anas(Radiyallahu Anhu),”There was once a man with Allah’s Messenger(peace be upon him) and one of his sons came, so he kissed him and sat him on his lap.
Then one of his daughters came and he sat her to his side.
Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) said,” Why did you not treat them equally?”
According to Al-Haythami , ” Its sources are reliable.”

{ Al-Bayhaqi in Shu’ab Al-Iman, 6:140 ; Hadith #8700 and 7:468 , Hadith #11022 ;Ibn Asakir in Tarikh Damishq 13:396;Al-Haythami in Majma al-Zawaid 8:156}

Hadith #2

Hadrat A’isha(Radiyallahu Anha) , the wife of the Prophet(peace be upon him) said:
  “A Woman came to me along with her two daughters, She asked me for(food) but I had nothing with me except a date, so I gave her that. She accepted it and then divided it between her two daughters and she ate nothing out of that. She then got up and left with her daughters.(In the meanwhile) the Prophet(peace be upon him)  visited me and I mentioned to him her story. Thereupon the Prophet(peace be upon him) said:‘ He who is put to the test(in the responsibility of upbringing and nurturing)for his daughters, and he accords benevolent treatment to them, these daughters become a shield for him(to guard him) against Hell.” 

{al-Bukhari in al-sahih,5:2234 Hadith #5649.*Muslim in al-sahih,4:2027 Hadith #2629}

Hadith #3

According to Hadrat ‘Uqba b.’Amir(Radiyallahu Anhu): “I heard the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) say:‘ Whoever has three daughters and observes patience to have them, and feeds them well, and clothes them according to what he affords, they will become the source of salvation for him from Hell on the day of Resurrection.” 

{Ahmed b.Hanbal in al-Musnad,4:154 Hadith #17439.*Ibn Majah in al-Sunan,2:1210 Hadith #3669.*al-Tabarani in al-Mujam al-Kabir,17:299 Hadith #826}

Hadith #4

In one report, Hadrat Abu said al-Khudri(Radiyallahu Anhu) narrated:”Allah’s Messenger(peace be upon him)  said:‘ Three sisters or three daughters, or two daughters or two sisters and he treats them well and fears Allah Most High about them then he is entitled to the Paradise.” 

{al-Tirmidhi in al-Sunan,4:320 Hadith #1916. *al-umaydi in al-Musnad,2:3233 Hadith #738. *Abu ‘Abd Allah al-Marwazi in al-Birr wa al-Sila,78 Hadith #150}

Hadith #5

Sayyidina Anas ibn Maalik (RA) reported that Allah’s Messenger(peace be upon him) – said,“As for him who sustains two girls, I and he will enter paradise like these two” and, he gestured with two fingers. (The index and next fingers).

{Sunan Tirmidhi, BOOK OF PIETY AND JOINING TIES,Hadith #1981; al-Hakim in al-Mustadrak 4:196 Hadith #7350; al-Tabarani in Mu’jam al-Awsat 1:176 Hadith #557}