Teachings about Kindness towards animals

In Pre Islamic era, concepts such as animals have rights too and that they need compassion as well were alien for the Arab society.Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) not only preached to the people to show kindness to each other but also to all living souls.Thus, Prophet peace be upon him, is the embodiment of peace, extending peace even to animals and beasts of burden.Therefore the peace which descended upon the Earth was a universal peace – for humans, and animals, and birds, and for all created beings on the face of the Earth.

Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) stated“Verily, there is heavenly reward for every act of kindness done to a living animal“.

{Sahih Muslim,Kitab as-Salam}

Once while Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) was marching with his army, he saw that way a female dog that has just given birth with her puppies. He called one of his friends, Djuail the son of Suraka and gave orders:

“You will wait in front of the mother dog and her puppies and by keeping their sentry till all the army has passed, you will protect them from being ran over.”

Thus, the mother dog and her puppies had not been disturbed, but the conquering army of ten thousand had to change some direction.

{Reported by Ibn-e-Ishaq}

Incident of Hazrat Musa(AS) and the lamb

Once Hazrat Mûsa (AS)’s lamb ran away from the flock. Mûsa (AS) ran behind it for miles in order to catch it, and in the process hurt his feet over thorns till they were bleeding.The same thing also happened to the lamb, until it finally stood at one place, breathing heavily, unable to run any more.Hazrat Mûsa (AS) caught the tired little animal and instead of being angry at it, tears flowed out of his eyes as he consoled the animal saying:

“O sheep, if you did not feel sorry for Mûsa, at least you should have pitied yourself. Why did you put yourself into so much trouble?”

Before removing the thorns from his own feet, Hazrat Mûsa (AS) first removed the thorns from the sheep, then rubbed and pressed its legs, lifted it up onto his shoulders and carried it back to its flock.

Imâm Fakhroodin Râzi (RA) writes that the malâika(angels) said to Allâh,

“O Allâh! this person is worthy of becoming a Prophet because of his qualities of tolerance and patience . O Allâh! do make him a Prophet.” 

Almighty Allâh replied: “I have already chosen him to be my Prophet.”

Those from whom Allâh has destined high stages, He imbues them with noble qualities and strength of tolerance.

Muhammad(peace be upon him) – The Merciful by Shaykh ul Islam Dr. Tahir ul Qadri
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