Prohibition to Kill Frogs

Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) is a gift of mercy from Almighty Allah.

He  says in the Qur’an: And, (O Esteemed Messenger,) We have not sent you but as a Mercy for all the worlds. (Chapter 21 Surah Al-Ambiya :Verse 107)

So he carries nothing but the message of love, mercy and compassion to everything that Almighty Allah has created, even animals,  plants and birds. In Pre Islamic era,concepts such as animal rights were alien for the Arab society. Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) not only preached to the people to show kindness to each other but also to all living souls.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) called  NOT TO KILL even a FROG and he said, “Its croaking is tasbeeh (praising Allah).” 

{Narrated by An-Nas’ai}

In another Hadith , Hazrat Abdur Rahman ibn Uthman (Radiyallahu Anhu) reported that When a physician consulted the Prophet (peace be upon him) about putting FROGS in medicine, HE FORBADE HIM TO KILL THEM{Sunan Abu Dawud , Kitab Al-Tibb, Hadith #475}

The DHIKR of Frogs

Prophet David(peace be upon him) said:“I shall praise God with a kind of praise that none among his creatures ever used before.”

Thereupon a frog called out to him: “Do you pride yourself before God for your praise, while for seventy years my tongue has been moist from remembering Him, and I have eaten nothing in the past ten nights because I kept busy uttering two words?”

Prophet David(peace be upon him)  said: “What are these two words?”

The frog replied:“O Praiser of Thyself with every tongue, O remembered One in every place!”

It is related in “Nuzhat al-nufus wa al-afkar” [The Recreation of Minds and Thoughts] that

An angel once said to Prophet David(peace be upon him): “O David, understand what the frog is saying!”

whereupon he heard it saying: “Glory and praise to You to the farthest boundary of Your knowledge!”

Prophet David(peace be upon him) said:“By the One Who made me a Prophet, verily I shall sing my Lord’s praise in this way.”

The commentators have said that the frogs’ words are: “Glory to the King, the Holy One!” (subhan al-malik al-quddus)
while al-Baghawi has“Glory to my Lord Most Holy!” (subhana rabbi al-quddus), and
of `Ali’s words – may God be well pleased with him – is “Glory to the One Who is worshipped in the abysses of the sea!”